Time-Tested Knives: A Non-Chef Dad’s Perspective

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Embarking on the second chapter of our kitchen series, I find myself discussing an unlikely subject for someone who’s more renowned for kitchen mishaps than culinary prowess: knives. Specifically, I’m delving into my long-term experiences with two brands that have become kitchen stalwarts: Miracle Blade and Cutco.

Miracle Blade: An Enduring Kitchen Ally

Over 18 years ago, we introduced a set of Miracle Blade knives into our kitchen. As someone who isn’t the primary cook, these knives have been my steadfast allies for every kitchen venture. Despite their durability, I’ve noticed some rust on the knives, even though we’ve been using the knife block that came with the set. They supposedly come with a lifetime warranty, and I’m curious about how a warranty claim might work out now. There’s also a newer model available now, but I find myself attached to our original set – maybe it’s a bit of sentimentality. I’ll keep you posted if I decide to file a warranty claim.

All that aside, the regular knife is simply my go-to. I was so happy with our initial set, which we got for $20, that I bought another set. And boy am I glad we did. Why? Because we lost a couple somehow. We’ve even gifted a couple of sets a year or two later. And I think that’s when we upgraded to the full set with the block; which was still under $50, if I recall correctly. Nope, they’re not that price any more! Our young & growing family benefited and appreciated the cost to quality ratio.

Cutco Knives: A Pricey Evolution

Our journey with Cutco knives began before we moved in 2011, facilitated by our neighbors’ son, who was exploring different jobs at the time. Initially, these knives were a bit more expensive than our basic $20 Miracle Blade set. The Cutco knives, when bought as a set, offered a savings compared to their nearly $100 individual price tag that I still recall to this day. Thinking, of course, it’s insane to pay $100 for one knife! Wait for it …

Today, I see the Cutco sets fetching prices well over $1000! Yeah! I couldn’t believe it. Whodathunk knives appreciated more than real estate? And while it might sound like I’m endorsing either or both brands, I’m just a dad in awe of how the prices have skyrocketed – and how our sets have stood the test of time in functionality and quality. Back to the Cutco brand in particular … The serrated design of Cutco knives stands out, offering an unconventional but effective cutting experience. Their quality, featuring 440A high-carbon stainless steel and ergonomic handles, has contributed to their lasting presence in our kitchen. A decade later, they simply work.


Reflecting on these two brands of knives, Miracle Blade and Cutco, this isn’t about promoting them but sharing a slice of our family’s kitchen life. The Miracle Blades, despite showing signs of wear and rust, have been reliable companions in our culinary adventures for nearly two decades. The Cutco knives, with their unique serrated design and premium construction, have also proven their worth despite their initial and current higher price point.

In a world where things are quickly replaced, these knives have carved out a lasting place in our home. They’re a reminder that sometimes, the right investment can yield years, if not decades, of reliability and satisfaction. Whether it’s the rusted but trusted Miracle Blades or the increasingly expensive Cutco knives, these are the tools that have witnessed my rare but earnest attempts at cooking. Their longevity and performance are testaments to the value of investing in quality kitchen tools.

And should Miracle Blade replace my knives with little to no fuss, it will only seal my love and loyalty to their product. ▪️

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