Brighten Your Life: Exploring Sengled Smart Lights for a Smarter Home

Bedside nightstand and lamp with the light on.
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With a bustling household filled with kids of varying ages, you’d think chasing after lights to be turned off would be a daily ordeal. Surprisingly, it was happening less frequently than I had thought. Don’t get me wrong; there were certainly times when I needed the lights to switch off, especially when one of the kids dozed off while watching something. What I truly wanted was for the lights to effortlessly illuminate our home, especially on school mornings when it was time to wake the kids; and creating a smarter home in the process was just the icing on the cake.

You see, it wasn’t just about flipping a switch; it was about orchestrating a symphony of lights to kick-start our day just right. I also wanted the lights to be dimmable so that I can play to the different personalities of the kids, making our home a smarter home. Some of the kids are light sleepers, and gradually increasing the brightness wakes them up just fine. Others, I felt, needed all the lights (and sounds) in their room to be at 100% right off the bat.

In essence, what turned on, and precisely when it did, became an intricate dance with time itself, orchestrating our mornings and evenings in harmony and making our home a smarter home. But more on that in a few.

Shedding Light on Smart Lighting

Smart lighting has been transforming modern homes, and I couldn’t resist delving into this fascinating world. What’s even more intriguing is how these lights can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine to create a smarter home. Imagine, controlling your lights with a simple voice command through your favorite smart speaker (powered by Google Assistant or Alexa). It’s a game-changer; and I was eager to see how it could fit into our family’s dynamic and contribute to that smarter home reality.

Illuminating Every Age and Every Need

Smart lights aren’t just a modern convenience; they’re a versatile solution that caters to the needs of every age group, from the youngest to the oldest members of your household. Let’s dive into how these intelligent bulbs can illuminate your life and contribute to a smarter home:

1. Convenience for All Ages: Smart lights simplify daily tasks for everyone, making it easier for kids to turn on lights without reaching for switches and for the elderly to control lighting effortlessly. Creating a smarter home means making life more convenient for all generations under your roof.

2. Energy Savings and Sustainability: While the upfront cost of switching to smart lights is a consideration, it’s essential to recognize the long-term benefits. These energy-efficient bulbs significantly reduce electricity consumption, lowering your utility bills and contributing to a greener planet. Investing in a smarter home today can lead to substantial savings in the future.

3. Longevity and Cost-Efficiency: Smart lights are built to last, providing longevity that outshines traditional bulbs. You’ll spend less time and money replacing burnt-out bulbs, making your home smarter and more cost-efficient in the long run.

4. Ambiance Control: With the ability to adjust brightness and color temperature, smart lights allow you to set the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Whether you’re creating a cozy atmosphere for a movie night or brightening up the room for a party, these bulbs give you complete control over your environment.

5. Integration for a Smarter Home: One of the standout features of smart lights is their seamless integration into your home’s security ecosystem. These lights can be programmed to turn on and off at specific times, simulating your presence even when you’re away. Additionally, motion sensors can trigger lights to deter potential intruders, further enhancing your home’s security.

6. Voice-Activated Smarter Home: The integration of smart lights with popular smart speakers, powered by the likes of Google Assistant and Alexa, takes your home’s intelligence to the next level. You can control your lighting with simple voice commands, create custom lighting schedules, and even sync your lights with alarms and routines. Imagine waking up to the gentle glow of your smart lights, accompanied by your favorite morning playlist, all triggered by a simple voice command. This level of integration enhances your daily routine and turns your home into a truly smarter and more enjoyable space.

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In essence, smart lights are not just bulbs; they’re essential components of a smarter home that cater to the diverse needs of your household. Whether it’s for convenience, energy savings, ambiance, security, or seamless integration with your daily routines, these intelligent bulbs offer a multitude of benefits that make your life brighter in every way.

DIY with Sengled: Making Your Home Smarter, One Bulb at a Time

When it comes to transforming your home into a smarter space, the options are as diverse as your household’s needs. When it came to lights, I went with Sengled smart light bulbs. One of my favorite aspects of Sengled smart lights is their versatility and ease of installation, made even better by the fact that no hub is required.

To be specific, there are different Sengled light options. The ones I’ve used are the Sengled Element Dimmable Smart Light Bulbs A19 Zigbee Bulb.  And while Sengled still offers these particular smart light bulbs, they appear to be moving away from this model and towards the ones that support them having their own hub & app.  In other words, grab these while you can.  And I believe the ones I’m talking about are cheaper … until they get discontinued.

Before we proceed, and since I mentioned it, what is Zigbee, you might wonder? Zigbee is a wireless communication protocol that allows smart devices to connect and communicate with each other seamlessly. It’s known for its low power consumption and reliability, making it an excellent choice for smart home devices. It’s worth mentioning that there’s another popular protocol called Z-Wave, which serves a similar purpose in the smart home ecosystem.  The SmartThings hub I have had for some time works with all such devices; which’s why I prefer to use it rather than a different hub – let alone a hub for each manufacturer or brand I decide to integrate into our smart home.  I wanted the flexibility to mix & match based on device features, price, etc.

Now, back to Sengled and why these lights are a standout choice. Not just because they are compatible with SmartThings, which means Sengled lights integrate seamlessly with my existing setup, but also because they allow me the flexibility with future setups.

Setting up these lights is a breeze, thanks to straightforward instructions provided with the bulbs. However, there’s one quirky step to note: resetting the lights may require toggling them off and on repeatedly ten times – yes, ten times!

At setup time, or when you reset them, the light switch must remain in the “on” position to allow app control. This control extends to the SmartThings app, Google Assistant (enabling voice control), and other platforms.

To prevent accidental switches that could disrupt your smart lighting setup, I found some covers that have been amazing for our household; and I hope you find them helpful too.  The first one is a magnetic switch cover for those flat modern switches. The second one was for the traditional light switches —not sure what you call that part of the switch that sticks out.  These covers ensure that your smart lights stay in control, literally and figuratively.

One noteworthy advantage of opting for smart light bulbs over smart switches is the simplicity of “installation” (it’s more of a setup, really). Plus, you can group them within the SmartThings app, allowing fixtures with multiple bulbs to operate collectively. For instance, my office ceiling fan has two lights, each individually set up, but grouped so I can command Google to turn on/off my office light with ease: “Hey Google, turn on the office light.” I’m speaking about one light, but the grouping turns both on.

In essence, Sengled smart lights not only make your home smarter but also offer user-friendly installation and seamless integration into your existing smart home ecosystem. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just getting started with home automation, these bulbs are a DIY dream come true.

Enhancing Wellness with Sengled Smart Lights

As we journey into the realm of smarter homes, let’s not overlook the profound impact these innovations can have on our well-being. Sengled smart lights, designed to simplify your life, also play a significant role in nurturing your family’s health and happiness. Here’s how they can brighten your path to a more balanced life:

1. Regulating Your Body’s Internal Clock: Imagine waking up gently to the soft, warm glow of simulated sunlight. Sengled smart lights can mimic the natural progression of daylight, supporting your body’s circadian rhythm. With this gradual transition from darkness to light, you can start your day feeling refreshed and energized.

2. Improving Sleep Patterns and Quality: Quality sleep is the cornerstone of well-being. These intelligent bulbs can help improve your sleep patterns by creating a serene evening atmosphere. As the lights dim gradually, your body gets the signal that it’s time to wind down, leading to more restful nights and rejuvenated mornings.

3. Boosting Mood and Productivity: In today’s fast-paced world, mood swings, fatigue, and stress can easily take their toll. Sengled smart lights offer customizable settings that reduce eye strain, headaches, and fatigue, while also boosting your mood and productivity. Tailor the lighting to your specific needs, whether it’s reading, working, or simply unwinding.

4. A Reminder to Prioritize Self-Care: Life’s demands often make us forget to take a moment for ourselves (e.g., get up & stretch, prayer time, meditation, etc.). Smart lights can serve as gentle reminders, creating a calming ambiance that encourages relaxation and self-care. It’s a subtle signal that it’s time to put yourself first.

5. Supporting Natural Melatonin Production: Smart lighting can also contribute to the natural production of melatonin, your body’s sleep hormone. By setting the right ambiance in the evening, you allow your body to produce melatonin naturally, paving the way for more tranquil nights.

6. Enhancing Focus and Productivity: For those busy days when concentration is key, bright, cool-toned lighting can help sharpen your focus and enhance productivity. Sengled smart lights ensure your environment aligns with your tasks, creating an optimal atmosphere for work and study.

Personally, I have also added a select few color-changing Sengled smart light bulbs. They are more expensive because of that capability; however, they are set up in the same manner. And they are still considerably cheaper than the Phillips Hue counterparts. They take the wellness points I mentioned to a whole new level.

For example, I have setup the color-changing ones in my office, and since I’m upstairs and usually with a closed door, and/or with headphones on or playing loud music, the lights turn red when someone rings our smart doorbell (more on that one another day).  I pray five times a day, and one of the prayers is at dawn (first thread of light).

To pray it on time, I must conclude the prayer by sunrise. It’s hard waking up that early; especially in the Summer months when the nights are short. To help, I have a single Google “routine” that performs a few tasks meant to help me wake up. The routine kicks off (a trigger) 30-minutes before sunrise, sets my nightstand color-changing Sengled light bulb to green and on 100% power. 30-seconds later, it switches it to red and also at 100% power. It turns off 30 seconds later. About 2 minutes later, I have it turn on the natural light color (warm white) to 100% and keep it on for a whole minute. At each of these steps, the routine also makes announcements from my smart speaker (in this case, the now hard-to-find Lenovo Smart Clock 2). It definitely ensures that I wake up.

Incorporating these smart light bulbs into your home isn’t just about embracing technology; it’s about enhancing your family’s wellness and enjoying peace of mind. With Sengled smart light bulbs, you gain control over your lighting. Beyond aligning the lighting with your daily routines and aspirations for a healthier & happier life, you are creating a safer and more serene environment for your loved ones. And above all, it’s a way to minimize the noise –At minimum, it’s less “turn off the lights” several times a day.

In this journey, I’ve discovered a world of convenience, comfort, and practicality for creating a smarter home. Whether you’re a new homeowner, a parent, an elderly caregiver, a DIY enthusiast, or someone seeking a wellness-focused lifestyle, Sengled smart lights have something to offer.

As we wrap up this enlightening journey through Sengled smart lights and their potential to brighten your home, I’m eager to hear from you. Have you ventured into the world of smart lighting? Are you thinking about illuminating your space the smart way? What’s been your experience so far?

Your stories, insights, and any lightbulb moments (pun intended) are not only valuable for me but also for our growing community of readers. By sharing your wisdom in the comments below, you can light the path for others considering this bright upgrade to their homes.

Whether you’re a seasoned smart light guru or just starting to explore the possibilities, join the conversation and let’s shed some light on the subject together. What’s your take on the future of lighting?

I can’t wait to hear from you. Until then, stay bright! ▪️

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